Picture of me, skiing in Vallnord, Andorra

My first time… skiing!


I hope you did not expect something else! I can say now – standing – that it was an amazing experience. I am 20 years old, and it is the very first time I go skiing. I do not think it is going to be the last time. I really enjoyed that weekend in the mountains, to be honest I was missing snow!

For this first time at a ski resort, I went to Andorra (my first time there as-well), with the agency Erasmus Barcelona, and a whole bus of international students. An almost perfect organisation that allowed us to really enjoy the weekend, without ruining ourselves for ever.

That weekend allowed me to realise two or three things about skiing, the most important one being : ski is not made for everyone.

First, ski trips for the weekend are not cheap, even less in Andorra. Second, you have to be motivated (especially if it is the very first time) and be ready to fall and fall and fall again. Third, it is really awesome in terms of sensations, I have to say it.

I had all that in mind already more or less. But skiing is a sport and like any activity which needs a significant learning process, skiing teaches us three essential things : work, patience and mainly perseverance. If you fall… you must get back on your feet!

Skiing is dope! Don’t get me started with the landscapes : breathtaking. We sure made a lot of memories and learned some good life lessons…

Thank you! Do not hesitate to share the article, see you next Friday!

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